Fran – In My Life

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Hey, it’s Fran once again covering The Beatles – In My Life. Funny how Glee made me love this song and put it on my song list. I didn’t even know the song was exist before. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. The MP3 is download-able by the way.

PS. Music belongs to TheKaraokeChannel, not for commercial use.


Virtue feat. Fran – In Christ Alone

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Finally you can see my true form (thought I was an alien?). It’s me and my friend singing Owl City – In Christ Alone. He’s a GENIUS! So please, please, and please support him by click like on his Virtue page (link :

Fran – Out Here On My Own

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Fran singing Glee Cast Version of Out Here On My Own, OST of FAME. Feel free to listen and kindly leave your comments.


Fran – Holly Jolly Christmas

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Fran singing Michael Buble – Holly Jolly Christmas. I’m so excited while singing this song. I hope you enjoy it. Happy holiday!!

PS. Want to own it? Simply click Fran – Holly Jolly Christmas.mp3

Fran – Silver Bells

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Fran – Silver Bells.mp3

Another year has gone by, and it’s almost Christmas again. So here I am, singing the classic Christmas song in the style of Michael Buble, Silver Bells. Hope this song may bring the peace and joy of Christmas right in your heart. If you like my cover, kindly give me your credits. And once again, you may download the MP3 for free. Happy holiday everyone ^^.

PS. Background music belongs to TheHMKARAOKEMC2, not for commercial use.

Indonesian Facebook Singer

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Kindly vote for me at Indonesian Facebook Singer. Here’s the link, and listen to my voice :

Fran – In This Life

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Fran singing Collin Raye – In This Life. Feel free to listen, leave your comments, or even download it.

PS. Music belongs to the owner, not for commercial use.